is proud to be an event that promotes Portuguese fashion, authorial and industrial.

Working together with sector partners, our mission is to show, season after season, edition after edition,
the best of what is done in the country.

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→      The Anatomy of Artisanal Portugal.

View Portugal from a different angle. Discover dexterity in every part of the land. Perceive Portugal through multiple channels. RE: DEFINE Portugal through a sector. Fashion is what has the intended effect. Known for its streamlined production, today Portugal hefts its identity in the fashion world by being on the crest of a wave and bridging borders.

This Zero edition of “RE: PORT - The Zine of Portugal Fashion” explores the many faces of Portuguese production practices, arts and crafts,traditions, and different parts of the country.


bridging borders.

Portuguese have been known as explorers, a nation that bridged the borders between the West and the South. So as with fashion – garments and designs that tell the rich cultural story bridge cultural barriers yet leave enough room for viewers to cultivate their own  interpretations. These garments are used to interrogate rather than explain.

This edition is not about what these creations mean, but how they are worn and how they
generate meaning through the act of wearing and remembrance or provenance. The meaning that extends beyond words and images.
Our local and international designers, upcoming and those with a strong presence in Milano, Paris and London runways have put together collections that unite and entertwine.


cultural convivência.

Through ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepeneurs and its promotion of fashion and entrepreneurship also beyond the realms of Portugal, Portugal Fashion has become a point of reference for innovative designs and fashion diversity.

Shaking up conventions, Portugal fashion stands for inclusivity in fashion and its relation to the viewer. The majority of the collections and catwalks celebrate diversity and conviviality through the choice of places and models, colors, and forms. At the same time, nurturing and remembering the traditions, deconstructing in presentation yet maintaining the essence, the primary meaning.

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“The value of things is … the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgeable moments and unique people.”

Fernando Pessoa


PORTUGAL FASHION is a promotional project for Portuguese fashion. It was set up by ANJE in 1995 with the aim of bringing about a paradigm shift in the Portuguese textile sector.

Both in Portugal and abroad, investment in young designers is also one of the pillars of PORTUGAL FASHION. The project seeks to act as a lever for emerging talent, so as to renew the national fashion scene, facilitate the integration of new designers into the labour market and fill any gaps that companies in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors may have in terms of design.